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Operating room at UCSF Medical Center

Tomorrow's O.R. Today

Larger, more efficient, and more attuned to patient needs and medical technology than ever, the 22 Mission Bay operating rooms feature the latest innovations to make even the most complex surgeries easier on patients and their families and more efficient for medical pros. Take a look at the operating room of tomorrow…already available today at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, opening Feb. 1, 2015.

Elevating Care

Operating rooms are always portrayed as cramped quarters, with surgeons standing elbow to elbow, hunched over patients. As technology advances and the gear multiplies, there's some truth to the idea that O.R.s are short on space. That's why the new Mission Bay operating rooms were designed with plenty of square footage and space-saving solutions, like tools affixed to ceiling-mounted booms for easy access during surgery and off-floor storage when not in use.

One and Done

The unique Intra-Operative Imaging O.R. includes a full-size magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine to make procedures less taxing for patients. Patients may need sedation for multiple scans, and the new MRI suite allows everything to be done with just one anesthetic. And because the scans can be done in the O.R. during a surgical procedure, surgeons get nearly-instant feedback.

Screen Dreams

Large, wall-mounted monitors let surgeons see patient vital signs, updated lab results and scans all at once. And Mission Bay has taken the tech a step farther, connecting the operating rooms with the outside world so doctors can broadcast surgery images and consult in real time via video with specialists in another part of the hospital — or even around the world.

Empowering Nurses

Each surgical room at Mission Bay has a single control panel nurses use to operate monitors and equipment, instead of having to check readings on many monitors scattered throughout the room. Efficiency is vital in the O.R., where every second counts.

No Germs Allowed

Like other rooms at Mission Bay, the operating rooms are designed to be easier to sterilize to lower the possibility of infection. Much of the equipment is boom-mounted, so it can be stored off the floor for convenient cleaning. Rubber flooring and smooth surfaces also make for a more hygienic environment.

One Suite, Many Procedures

A special suite at Mission Bay allows surgeons to perform new procedures while making way for future innovation. The "Hybrid" O.R. Suite contains sterile equipment for minimally invasive surgeries, as well as full-size X-ray, MRI and cardiology gear that guides surgeons every step of the way. The worlds of radiology and surgery are truly integrated — surgeons can continuously scan throughout a procedure.

Robots at Your Service

Instead of having medical staff spend precious minutes tracking down supplies or delivering specimens to the lab, Mission Bay uses a system of slow-moving robots, called TUGs, which circulate throughout the hospital and handle specimen pick-up and drop-off. This gives staff more time to prepare O.R.s for procedures and focus on patients, not making deliveries.

Breathing Room

In addition to positioning waiting rooms near the operating rooms for everyone's convenience, we've designed Mission Bay's waiting areas to respect families' privacy while giving them a quiet place to sit. Waiting rooms have adjacent consultation rooms, where doctors can privately share updates and details with families.