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ER doctor at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

ER Care for Kids at Mission Bay: 24/7 Care When You Need It

Expert Medical Care for Kids Whenever They Need It

Parents never want to have to think about visiting the ER with a sick or injured child. But UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco is here when you need us to provide the highest-quality emergency care and support for kids and families. We treat infants, children and adolescents with serious illnesses or injuries 24 hours a day, every day. Staffed around the clock by board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians, as well as nurses and other specialists trained in children's emergency medicine, we also have access to hundreds of top-ranked pediatric specialists and all the services of a state-of-the-art children's hospital.

The new children's emergency room at Mission Bay was designed and built with kids' and families' unique emergency medical needs in mind.

Treating the Whole Child

For parents and children of all ages, a visit to the emergency room can be stressful and scary. Our children's emergency room staff have been specially trained to know how to alleviate such fears while effectively treating kids' emergency health problems. All doctors and nurses on staff have completed specialty certification so they understand children's emotional and physical development, which helps them treat the whole child, whatever the age.

At the Mission Bay children's ER, child life specialists will be on hand seven days a week. Certified health professionals who are trained in working with children and adolescents in medical settings, child life specialists help provide support, distractions and age-appropriate explanations to kids and their siblings, making the experience less frightening.

More Efficient, Less Invasive Treatment

At Mission Bay, patients and families are quickly assigned a room rather than held in a waiting room. Emergency staff then comes to the room to provide bedside triage, speeding the admission process and sparing parents from having to repeat their child's health issues multiple times to different staff members.

We aim to take the pain out of all kids' ER visits by using needle-free methods to minimize pain faster and just as safely.

We’re committed to exposing our patients to as little radiation as possible during medical imaging tests such as X-rays, and all of our equipment is automatically set for use in pediatric medicine. Ultrasound equipment, which uses sound waves rather than radiation, is available bedside, further helping us uphold our commitment to ALARA for radiation exposure — that stands for "as low as reasonably achievable."

Committed to Kids and the Community

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco was built from the ground up with children and families in mind. With the latest in medical technology, Child Life Services available seven days a week and a social worker on duty five days a week, the pediatric emergency room aims to care for kids and serve as a community resource.